Vedic Marriage Compatibility

free online marriage compatibility software , The compatibility of the bride and groom has to be verified from their birth stars, if the birth star are not known ,the compatibility is to be found out from their name star. It means that the birth starts has to be verified with the birth star only and name star has to be verified with the name star only .This verification has to be uniform always. Finally the 9th divisional chart is called Navamsa chart . It will said every thing about spouse. So study of Navams is the good traditional astrology habit for taken good decision before any judgements about spouse. Based on the birth constellations, the following aspects are examined Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Gana, Graha Maitri, Bhakoota, Nadi, Mahendra, Vedha, Rajju, Stree Deergha, Linga, Gotra, Varga and Yujja for checking compatibility.

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