Why Muhurtha having significance in Astrology and Ancient Indian Life style

by Chandra Sekhar Sharma

Posted on 1/2/2020 6:11:24 PM

The value of Time is inestimable. All objects in nature are produced in Time, developed in Time and destroyed in Time. The truth of these statements requires no further proof for significance of Muhurtha in Indian Ancient Vedic Sciences. Muhurtha is the combination of benefic ethereal energies of planets , which gives benefic results on human bodies. Muhurtha's main purpose is identify these times.

             The Muhurtha is a time for identifying the right time for processing of any events related to human life for highly success of Probability. Basically the Electional Astrology is applicable two functional ways  in Traditional Vedic Indian System. 1 ) Vedic rituals related   and 2) Highly effective other  Events in human life cycles .
             The Traditional Astrologers followed few systems only , for identifying quality of Muhurtha Time.  These formulas and rules books are mainly  muhurtha marhandam, Muhurtha chintamani ,  Muhurtha dharpanam , Kaalaamrutham and Dharma sindhau with reference of Nirnaya sindhu .   
             Identifying the quality and right Muhurtha , they consider number of factors and filtered with number of rules  like Lunar month ,Eclipse Stars ,Panchaka Doshas and Eakavimashathi maha doshas .After completed all these process a quality of time will be coming .The time of Muhurtha is 48 minis.
             Then they released  list of Muhurtas for suitable  all events for one year. Then Astrologers suggests and guided suitable Muhurta for  particular purpose. Example of events or types of Muhurtas as per traditional system Janma Samskaras , Marriage, House ,Farming of Agriculture, Educational , Financial ,and Political   etc.I will give the details of Eakavimsahati maha dosha and other consider points for Election of Muhurtha in another article.