A best Way to pilgrimage of kukke subramanya ,dharmastala with simple budget

by Ravi Kumar Putrevu

Posted on 12/28/2019 6:32:44 PM

Happiness doesn’t come with spending Money. It will come with right way of spending money. Every one try going to pilgrimages with his/her own reasons. But ultimately they get some good results after completing the trip. These trips gives us some memories either devotional or financial depending on our planning of the trip. If the memories are more inclined to devotional then it makes us happy and can be considered as successful trip. I could remember many good moments from the weekend journey to Dharmastla. Here I will give few details on my trip

         There are very few trains from Yeswanthpur to Subrahmanya road. The trains which goes to Karwar from yeswanthpur will pass through' subrahmanya road railway station only. One train starts from y'pur at 7.10 am and reached to  s.road at about 2.35pm .This journey gives you to sweet memories .The train passes through' edge of mountains and Greenfields and waterfalls ,which gives full entertainment throughout the journey. There are considerable KSRTC buses from Kukke to Dharmasthala from s.road rlailway.station itself ,autos are also available. 
         It is advised to visit the temple at the first instance and to Dharmasthala later.From kukke it will take about 30 min only. It is better to keep our luggage in kukke busstand and and then go to Dharmasthali. As per the advice of local people , we first visit the backside of the temple where we can see the Lord in full shape. After darsan we have to return back to bus stand and catch buses to Dharmasthala. We can  have plenty of accommodation to stay in -and around temple premises. The cost of accommodation is around rs.300/per day. The temple closed at 8.30 pm.It is better to take darsan before 8.00 pm. We can take dinner at Annapurna satram at Dharmasthala. This satram will be maintained in very neat condition. Tables are provided for aged people who unable to sit on the floor. Utmost care will be take in case of drinking water by satram authorities .Water will only be supplied on request only. No scope for wastage. Every Hindu devotee should visit Dharmasthali at least once in their life. Frequent buses will run from  Dharma athani to S.road rly.station and there we can reach yeswantpur easily.