Successful methods for Traveling Or Principles for journey and return journeys Or trividha navami , Anandhadiyogas , tarabalam

by Chandra Sekhar Sharma

Posted on 2/17/2020 2:10:31 AM

Every one having travel for certain works .There will be a two important things or two aims behind every traveling. The man aims in such case are that the travel must be safe and comfortable. The second aim is that the purpose of our travel must be met with success without any hurdles or disappointments. Some Electional- Astrological( Muhurta Astrology ) guidelines will increase the probability of success in traveling.

Three  simple Astrological guidelines will help and increase the probability of success in traveling.
         1)  Consider the Tara balm . (it a combination of  day star + birth star)
         2)  Check  the Anandhadi  yogas .The combination of day + daily start will generate the 29 yogas for traveling purpose.
         3)  Consider Trividha navami .  9th cycle days  . 
             Check the tarabalam count the day star to your birth star Tarabalam is a strength provided by stars to your Janma / Birth star. Nakshatra/Star of moon at the time of your birth is known as Birth star. Moon's daily star / Nakshatra position needs to be favourable for casting any muhurtha  or any  an auspicious activity. This tarabalam is divided into three sets of 9 nakshatras. Each part is called Navakam. To calculate tarabalam one must calculate position of daily nakshatra from your Janma nakshatra (both nakshatra inclusive). Divide that by 9. If the reminder is 2,4,6,8,9 or 0 then it's good otherwise it's not favourable .
You can find tarabalam calculation easily through this site . 
             The combination of day + daily start will generate the 29 yoga s for  traveling purpose is called as Anandhadiyogas .it is specifically used for traveling purpose.
You can find Anandhadhi yogas calculation easily through this site .
             The third one considered principles for journey and return journey . One should not take-up another journey on the 9th day after the first journey. In the same way one should not return to his house on the 9th day of his journey .One should not make any journey on the navamin thidi ,which is also called 9th day. These tree taboos connected with the travel is called trividha navami.