Divisional charts system or Shodasa Varga charting System or divisional charts

by Chandra Sekhar Sharma

Posted on 1/21/2020 10:38:06 PM

Astrology is divine science of art and Divisional chart System having a special significance in Vedic Astrology. This divisional chart study is mainly differs from western Astrology .There is no practically divisional chart system in western Astrology. The Natural chart or rasi chart is useful for the common purpose and predict the general results. Varga chart deep analysis of study is useful for understanding the strength of planets and analyse the all results for better predictions in Vedic Astrology.

Traditional Astrologers had followed the Divisional chart system for obtaining good results. Parasara hora   mention the significance of divisional charts system. In Parasara hora given a guidelines about divisional charts computation and obtaining the strength of planets through the shodasavarga computation , and how to read the divisional charts.
                 Maharshi Parasara in his valuable work “ Bruhath parasara hora” dealt on this subject  of divisional chart system in two chapters.  maharishi dealt with 16 charts only . Some other higher divisional charts like D-5 , D-6,D-8, D-11,D-81, D108, D-144 ,D-150 are also detailed in some other ancient astrological books .
Let’s analyse  the details of  Shadashvarga  significations ruled by divisional charts in it .
1. Rashi/Natal Chart(D-1)- the basis of all divisional charts and gives the first clue about every aspect of human life. 
2. Hora Chart(D-2)- used for wealth, speech, and family.
 3. Drekkana(D-3)- used for co-borns, courage, and strength.
 4. Chaturamsha(D-4)-used for home, mother, property, destiny and immovable assets. 
5. Saptamsa(D-7)-used for sex life, children’s and ability to produce children’s. 
6. Navamsa(D-9)- used for the spouse, married life, luck and it is also known as the microscopic version of the natal birth chart. 
7. Dashamsa(D-10)- used for the career, professional success, honor, status and demotion. 
8. Dwadasmsa(D-12)- used for information on parents and lineage. 
9. Shodasmsa(D-16)-used for general happiness, moveable assets etc.
10. Vimshamsa(D-20)-used for spiritual activities, progress in spiritual practices and results of worship. 
11. Chaturvimshamsa(D-24)- used for achievement in academics, learning and education pattern.
 12. Saptavimshamsa(D-27)- used for physical strength and stamina. 
13. Trimshamsa(D-30)-used for miseries, illnesses, and evils. 
14. Khavedamsa(D-40)- used for auspicious effects in life. 
15. Akshvedamsa(D-45)- used for general character and conduct.
 16. Shastiamsa(D-60)- used for judging all aspects of life.
Other divisional charts as followes :
 Panchamsa(D-5)- for past life merits, spiritual inclinations and mantra siddhi. 
 Shashtamsa(D-6)- for debt, disputes, and proneness to illnesses. 
 Ashtamsa(D-8)- for inheritance, longevity, and accident.
 Labhamsa(D-11)- for unearned income, unaccounted money, and speculation
                     Measuring of Planetary strength through shodasavarga or divisional charts by swakhatra or own place. If a planet has benefic placement in Two Vargas it is known as Bhedkamsa , Three Vargas it is known as Kusumamsa , Four Vargas it is known as Nag pushpamsa , Five Vargas it is known as Kandukamasa , Six Vargas it is known as Keralamsa , Seven Vargas it is known as Kalpvrakshamsa , Eight Vargas it is known as Chandan Vanamasa , Nine Vargas it is known as Poorna Chandramsa, Ten Vargas it is known as Uchchsevaramsa, Eleven Vargas it is known as Dhanvantri amsa, Twelve Vargas it is known as Surya Kantamsa , Thirteen Vargas it is known as Vidurmamsa , Fourteen Vargas it is known as Indra Asanamsa , Fifteen Vargas it is known as Gan Lokamsa , Sixteen Vargas it is known as Sri Vallabhamsa. 
                Measuring the Vimshopak Bala ( 20 points = 100 % ) allotted to divisional chart strength representing the subha or papa phala of planet (benefic/malefic ).
Natal Chart(D-1)- 3.5 Points , Hora Chart(D-2)- 1 Point , Drekkana(D-3)- 1 Point ,  Chaturthamsa (D-4)-0.5 Points ,  Saptamsa (D-7)-0.5 Points , Navamsa (D-9)-3 Points ,
Dashamsa (D-10)- 0.5 Points , Dwadasmsa (D-12)-0.5 Points , Shodasmsa (D-16)-2 Points ,Vimshamsa (D-20)-0.5 Points ,Chaturvimshamsa(D-24)-0.5 Points ,Saptavimshamsa (D-27)-1 Points ,Trimshamsa (D-30)- 1.5 Points ,Khavedamsa (D-40)-0.5 Points ,Akshvedamsa (D-45)-0.5 Points ,Shastiamsa (D-60)- 5 Points ,